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Name: Palaparthi Chitti Santhi

Age: 10


Gender: Female


Birthday: August 18, 2003    


Study:  6th Standard



Biography:   Chitti Santhiís parents live in the village and earn their livelihood by doing daily labor work. They live in small huts with thatched roofs, and mud or dirt floors.  These houses must be roofed every two years. The father and mother are Christians, and they are good people, they are respectable in the village being Christians. But they are poor in status. Chitti Santhi has 2 older sisters and younger brother. Santhi is a pretty girl and she is bright, studies 6th class. She is eagerly looking for a sponsor to educate her as her parents cannot afford to do so.. It will only require $40 per month to educate her. Please pray for her and her Christian parents, thank you.


Community: All the villagers live in very small, clustered houses, due to poverty. They have no landed properties; their houses are built in an approximate area of 50 yards.  They depend on daily labor, which is sometimes   available for 150 days a year. They migrate with family to places where work is available. They live and cook under the trees.  Under these circumstances, there is little opportunity for the parents to educate their children.  So we, with folded hands, come to you requesting you to sponsor at least one or two such children.


I request you to pray for them so that the Lord will have pleasure in finding a sponsor like you. Thank you.


Please kindly select this child and make your payment of $40 USD.

Kindly send your child sponsorship payment via paypal and use our paypal email address is: gracechildrenorphanage@gmail.com